The cheapest hardware eq for drums? | Floor tom odyssey ep5

The cheapest hardware eq for drums? | Floor tom odyssey ep5

It's a joke... sort of.... 

using absorption in the drum to soak up that standing wave. In this video I'm looking at both my Drummers World 15x12 & Trixon 16x18. The Drummers World admittedly doesn't have a super pronounced standing wave, but the Trixon really does. 

I thought I'd experiment with using match eq in fab filter then tweaking by ear, it gets really close with the Drummers World, but nowhere near with the Trixon. 


All of the treatments - it's really about nuance here! 

Orange is the 'control', purple is the washing machine anti vibe pads - they don't really alter the frequency of the drum, but really alter the sustain (we're talking like 4 seconds of sustain - I hear you 'who wants a floor tom to sustain for 4 seconds...' but... once it's there you can dial back, you can't magic it in if it isn't there....

Here we can see that increase of sustain! Magic! 

The kitchen paper in the drum cleans the area between the fundamental & first resonance:

And the greatest hits 'ISEFAS' OR Increased Sustain, Enhanced Fundamental, Attenuated Standing wave:

See here in light blue. Perfect. Like always, is it for every drum? No... but... with drums like the trixon that are boingy bastards... it makes it workable. 

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