Dream Kit. 

Drums recorded in a great room, through great pre amps, with great microphones.

A library of drum sounds through years of careful collecting and curation.

I've been obsessed with drum sound since I was a teenager, I've owned, used and recorded a lot of kits over the years (you can already find many of those sampled!); Rogers, Slingerlands, Leedy's, Ludwig's, Tama, Yamaha, Camco, Hayman. 

My favourite are Gretsch. I sort of started hoarding them, trying to collect every size from this period, bass drums, toms, concert toms, snares. 

Then I thought as it's samples, what if I got the real 'dream' stuff - the unobtainable, or one offs.

Original Zildjian K cymbals from the 50's to a 1980 Tama Bell Brass (aka 'The Terminator') the snare used on so many of my favourite albums.

Custom stuff that I've made, weird sizes, materials, heads and sticks.

I've made custom instruments and heads for a lot of people over the years including Coldplay, Paul Epworth, Jimmy Hogarth, Steven Spielberg (for Masters of the Air), Mumford & Sons, Lagavulin whisky and many more - I love making stuff, especially if it's unusual - but I always thought it was a shame that it couldn't be used by a wider audience take the bass drum I made from a Whisky cask for Lagavulin, it's great and beautiful, but it'd be amazing if I could use that and not have to travel to Islay to do that! 

These are more natural than other drum samples, they have minimal eq and processing just great drum sounds that can fit within productions, not on top of productions. They won't scream 'drum samples' in your mixes, these are made to be musical. 

To begin with a modern sounding kit, but there will be more.

This is the beginning.