More Information:

Recorded & Played by James Yates
Assisted by Ellis Powell-Bevan, Louie Carrigan & Will Sandbach
Recorded at Otterhead Studios, Warwickshire UK September 2022
Mixed at Majetone, Somerset UK

24Bit 48Khz WAV

One Shot Samples: 1773

Velocities: 5+

Size 3.98gb 

Slate Trigger Presets 

Mic - Dr Alien8 / United 47
Gretsch 1980 SSB 22x14 
Dry and punchy, this was using the Simon Phillips paint can trick. Tight, present and punchy low end. I used a vintage Danmar beater (my favourite)!
Mic - Calrec 1050c Top / Bottom
OG 1980 Tama Bell Brass
This is known as the Terminator or Hitmaker snare and arguably is the sound of modern rock.
Tomas Haake, Danny Carey, Dave Grohl, Brad Wilk..It's loud. It doesn't really sound like anything else! 
In medium, high (on and off) and low tunings, cross stick, detuned and tight snare wires. What a dream drum. 
14x6.5 Tama Artstar Brass
A seamless brass shell from the Artstar line, a warm phat drum. I suggested for the studio in place of a Ludwig Black Beauty (my 70s one coming soon!) - its 8 lugs really do a different thing to the Luddy. An amazing drum. 
in medium, cross stick and low tunings.
14x8 Majetone
This magical, loud drum! Mr Majetone Sr bought some mystery hardwood off eBay (a carpenter friend thinks it's Iroko), I secured a piece and Fraser Murray made a gorgeous segmented drum. I outfitted it with Sonor and VK hardware. The wood is so dense it's almost metallic. A BEAST. 
in medium tuning and cross stick
12x5 Majetone
An old Monroe era Ludwig shell, chopped down and made in to a snare, a phenomenal drum that sounds much larger than its size suggests. 
On & Off
Worlds Greatest Snare 
I hope you can grab a pinch of irony with the name. In 2015 I was playing drums for Danny Goffey, we rehearsed ahead of playing Glastonbury at 'New Rose Rehearsal room' in Camden (a stones throw from Salvinos - Londons greatest sandwich).
For the rehearsal I used what was in the room, the snare was a knackered old  Premier Olympic with 7 snare wires remaining. I was going to complain as it looked beyond use, then I hit it.
Everyone in the band said 'what the hell is that drum' (that never happens). I bought the drum and changed nothing. Cranked. Noisy. It's perfect, unique and beautiful. 
On & Off and cross stick
Gretsch Catalina 13, 16 & 18 
These mahogany shelled drums are amazing, punchy, resonant. Quick, different to the older Gretsch drums. I recorded both top and bottom mics.
13 - Beyer M201 Top / Calrec 1050c Bottom
16 - Akg D112 Top / Warm 47Jr Bottom
18 - Akg D112 Top / Warm 47Jr Bottom
Spaced - C414 eb (brass capsules)
Ribbon - Extinct Valkyr Stereo Ribbon
Wurst - Calrec 1050c
Close - Xaudia Reslo Ribbons
Far - Coles 4038
Mono STC Ball & Biscuit/EV 636 > Distressor