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The Extended Glockenspiel – a Kontakt  instrument that reimagines the glockenspiel as a versatile synth-like experience.

With eight distinct performance options, users can sculpt their sound from percussive to synth or drone like textures.

Hard Mallet - Traditional Glockenspiel Mallet with 3 mic options

Soft Mallet - A Vibraphone mallet with 2 mic options

Magnet - Recorded with an Electro Magnetic pickup for Rhodes like tones

Ping - A ping pong ball single, light, percussive and delicate.

Pong - A ping pong ball dropped and bouncing, think acoustic delay! 

Bow - Bowed with a cello bow

Tape - Binaural Tape Loops at either 3 or 7 inches per second speed.

Stretch - Granular Drone Loops

Kontakt 5.8.1+ (Full Version)

579.4 MB Uncompressed

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