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A classic 1960’s Ludwig Clubdate Kit, recorded with the most ridiculous vintage mics and vintage Neve console.

Vintage, organic drums. 

Tech Information

In the KCD there’s 8 options:

Kit 1 : Sticks : Vater ‘Sweet Ride’ - these light maple sticks have an amazing cymbal tone.

Kit 2 : Tea Towel : Tight muffled drums, perfect for modern singer songwriting. 

Kit 3 : Metal Brushes, soft brush tone from my favourite Regal Tip Clayton Cameron brushes. 

Kit 4 : Nylon Brushes, a bit more transient over the metal brushes. These are Regal Tip

Kit 5 : Mallets - I call this mallet ‘Blue Guy’ I’m not quite sure where it comes from, but it’s the perfect mallet that I’ve been trying to find another!

Kit 6 : Hot Rods - Pro Mark bundle sticks, they’re really good for small transient tones.

Kit 7 : Threaded Brush - Vic Firth ‘Dreadlocks’. Weird sticks, they don’t have the power to activate the drum head so they sound light and thin, but for some things, can be perfect. 

Kit 8 : Broomsticks - Pro Mark Broomsticks, another bundle stick, but lighter, kind of a cross between brushes and hot rods. Probably my most used stick for recording. 

4.4Gb Uncompressed

Kontakt 5.8.1+ (Full Version)

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