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Truck Drums for Kontakt

Some of my favourite libraries I've made have come from opportunities, not necessarily planned. 

I had a studio in a shed in an industrial yard.... (the yard!)

my next door neighbour had an old truck body that was rented out as workshop space.

An old tenant moved out and I helped him clear some stuff out. Whilst in there, I noticed the acoustics of the aluminium body and like all engineers the thought popped in to my head of 'I bet drums would sound great in here...'

So I asked my landlord if I could record drums in there before the next tenant moved in... This was Friday, the tenant moved in on Monday. 

Because it was a busy (LOUD) industrial estate, I'd have to wait until night time and silence.

There's 0 sound proofing, so I had to wait until it was quiet outside. The first night it rained, the second night I angered a nearby sleeping truck driver... finally on night 3. The final night, I managed to record the library. 

This has become a really popular library for its Bonham-esque huge drum sound! 

Tech information

5 round robins

7 velocity layers

558.2 Mb Uncompressed

Kontakt 5.8.1+ (Full Version)

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